Body is your baby 

Masterclass & Practices

50 min previously recorded live call

From a 5-day embodiment event, Embodied Woman. In this call we played with our senses, had a perspective changing conversation about our bodies, and dropped into practice.

You get a separate audio to practice the breath work offered in the call easily at anytime along with journaling prompts to dive deeper.


(This workshop was led specifically for women and the language here might not feel inclusive to non-binary or trans folks)

drop into embodiment

You no longer have to ignore your body's messages to participate in the world. By shifting how you see & connect with your body, you gain the confidence to live the life you really desire.

The truth is–your body has all the answers you've been searching for externally.

You lived in a body-led way from birth, and then the world had you push all your energy into your head. With a conversation and guided practices, you get to ground into the safety of being body-led once again.


I'm Cilia!

I'm your guide to getting you grounded in your body, feeling your full spectrum of emotion, and expanding to your fullest self expression. 


My work is influenced by my 6 years experience as a yoga, meditation, and breath work instructor along with the contrast of my executive 9-5 past life in NYC. Being grounded in this modern time is crucial to your fulfillment, health, and success.


Body is your Baby was pulled from a 5-day embodiment event I ran in 2022, Embodied Woman.


The perspective shift of this conversation was impactful & able to sink in with the physical practices done on this call and I know you'll love it!

What's Inside


Masterclass replay

50-minute call dropping into conversation about our bodies & then moving into guided practice.


breath work practice

We practice a specific way of breathing on the call and you get an audio file of this practice to easily integrate it into your rituals.


embodiment practice

We move through a guided embodiment practice together on this call.


journal prompts

Perspective shifting questions are given on the call and you're given additional journaling prompts to move through.

body is your baby

ground, breathe, and move into a new relationship with your body